In the world of another I highly acclaimed French Mixed beauty to help find people (Figure) – China lara fabian

"Another world" highly acclaimed Mestizo beauty help people find (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, the first domestic global motorcycle trip show new version of "another me in the world? The European season" since the 17 day after the broadcast, less than a week, the first set of network click rate over 9 million, watercress review score of 9.3, the highly acclaimed. It is reported that, following the "another me in the world?" the first season in Europe after a surge of adrenaline "opening, second sets of flagship young do not need stable" — Yang Fan all the way from Lithuania to France to brave the wind and dew ride to search. This time to the "coolest youth" is the endorsement of Mestizo beauty Lori, a motorcycle can do music pole dancing girl. Lori’s father is a famous French motorcycle coach Michel, who in 2002 led Chinese Zongshen Motorcycle won the first world champion, and shooting sports documentary Yang Fan met. This time Yang Fan went to France, the whole family helped Yang Fan find someone. In France, Yang Fan did not find "another me", to help him find the half blood beauty Lori Yang Fan has become "another me" — Lori wants to drop out of "international trade" to transfer music, and the 13 year old began to drop out art Yang Fan hit it off. Yang Fan and Lori together to participate in the concert, go to the Pompidou Art Center Plaza "entertainer", the creation of poetry and art. In such circumstances, the audience shouted accident: "originally the bitter world full of missing, suddenly felt a pink!" "I think the level of first-class shot sail brother, sister Liao is hidden." Last season, "another" world in bean made 9 for the last quarter of the score, Yang Fan requirements for their new version is "the goal is to point out, the reality of high 0.1 on the line, the new version of the first episode of the line, then occupied the micro-blog variety list, and strong word-of-mouth" 9.3 ", with a score as the topic, get outside the industry praise. Different from the current variety, or to do the main star, or to spoof the interest as a selling point, a new version of "another me in the world. The European quarter" to the individual youth experience to win, retain the documentary column inherent documentary style, add variety, reality show interest. The new version of "another me in the world?" in August 17th the European season in the Iqiyi 20:00 online, every Wednesday to update a set. August 19th evening 9:10 in Southeast TV, on the evening of August 22nd in the channel 10:03 broadcast synchronization.相关的主题文章:

The mayor of Seoul, South Korea in the candlelight vigil requirements of Park Geun hye to resign imm hyuna

The mayor of Seoul, South Korea in the candlelight vigil asked to resign immediately 2, park Geun hye, Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun led South Korea people held a candlelight vigil, called for the resignation of President Park Geun hye. Figure IC east 2 days following the nomination of the late former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Kim Bingzhun for prime minister, South Korean President Park Geun hye 3 chosen the late former president Kim Dae-jung confidant Han Guangyu as his chief of staff, and the appointment of a new chief chief secretary of Chong Wa Dae senior assistant, sought to alleviate the pressure of public opinion. Chong Wa Dae spokesman said she will take a back seat in domestic affairs "". However, South Korean media generally believe that attempts to exit the park Geun hye power center to save the situation, but the opposition and the ordinary people are not buying it. – Park is expected to release part of the dynamic power Park 2 nomination of the former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Bingzhun Kim as prime minister, the presidential palace Chong Wa Dae sources, once approved by the Congress, it means that the park Geun hye will release some power. Yonhap quoted 2 sources as saying more than Chong Wa Dae, Pu Jinhui nominated Bingzhun indicates that gold, she intends to introduce "decentralized presidential system", namely the president for foreign and defense foreign affairs, and by the prime minister is responsible for managing domestic affairs. According to an unnamed sources as saying, "this means that gold will become the ‘internal’ President Bingzhun". Another source said, is expected to park in the next few days publicly announced the decision to explain to the public will be transferred to the office of the president’s new prime minister part. "Once the President Park Geun hye publicly confirmed that Prime Minister designate Jin Bingzhun’s authority, almost as we have two presidents in the future. Jin Bingzhun became president, Pu Jinhui "governance" in the domestic second line." When the reporter asked 2 new powers of prime minister, Kim said, he is expected to assume more responsibility. Chong Wa Dae sources, the cabinet reshuffle in the future will be led by Jin Bingzhun, he will actively fulfill the duties of the prime minister, such as the nomination of the cabinet candidate". Chong Wa Dae said that the opposition on the overall situation, gold Bingzhun appointment hearings, the cabinet reshuffle and other matters to cooperate and support. Chong Wa Dae, a staff told Yonhap news agency, is expected to Bingzhun after he became prime minister, the major policy of the current government will change, or be delayed or stopped. Kim served as chief of staff selection center abdominal Pu Jinhui 3, the late former president Kim Dae-jung’s choice of Han Guangyu as the Chong Wa Dae Secretary chief, succeeded last week because of "bestie door" exposure and the resignation of Li Yuanzhong. Xu Yuanqi, a former congressman from the media industry, was appointed chief secretary. Park Geun hye has appointed the new chief secretary and Chief Secretary for public relations. At this point, her chief of staff and other 11 Chong Wa Dae core staff has replaced 4 people. South Korean media analysis, and 2 days to nominate Jin Bingzhun as prime minister, Pu Jinhui nominated also from the liberal Han Kuang Yu as chief of staff, the intention to reduce from the ruling and opposition parties and civil criticism. Han Guangyu, a spokesman for the Chong Wa Dae, said: "with a wealth of knowledge and experience in government affairs, Mr Zheng Ranguo’s commitment to reconciliation and tolerance can help the president from a national perspective, and is the best candidate for a stable political situation. The 74 year old Han Guangyu, a former congressman, member of advisory committee of the current South Korean President Park Geun hye is long service相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu 42 District Secretary of Xuzhou Huanshuai the biggest changes (video) wh60a

Jiangsu 42 District Secretary of Xuzhou dencen Huanshuai biggest changes meeting September 21st, held in Yangzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department cadres of the general assembly, the Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi announced Jiang long Minister of Propaganda Department of Yangzhou municipal committee. Jiang long long-term leadership in Nantong Haimen, the working ability to be sure. In June 2015, Jiang Long was awarded the title of excellent county Party secretary. Jiang Long said in his 16 years, he worked in Haimen, today become a recruit in Yangzhou propaganda front, he would have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, in response to change roles, and actively adapt to the new normal propaganda work. So far, the 3 Jiangsu won the honor of the country’s outstanding county Party Secretary has been transferred to a new post. Three outstanding party secretary were moved to the new post, two was promoted at the end of June 2015, the Central Organization Department issued "on the recognition of outstanding secretary of county Party Committee decision", a total of 102 of the county Party Secretary to obtain recognition. Which Jiangsu has 3 people, respectively, as the Nantong municipal Party committee secretary Jiang Long, Taizhou Haimen, Gaogang party secretary Wang Jian, Suzhou party secretary of Changshu Hui Jianlin. Jiangsu three outstanding county Party Secretary, Hui Li is the first to get promoted cadres. At the beginning of this year, Hui Jianlin was promoted to Huaian mayor, who succeeded him as party secretary of Changshu’s former mayor Wang Yang. Born in 1968, Wang Yang Hui Lin is 4 years younger than Hui Jianlin, and with locals in Suzhou. Wang Yang has been working in Suzhou, the Communist Youth League cadres, former deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, Suzhou, Party members. After 2002, his frequent changes, director has served as deputy mayor, Canglang District of Suzhou city Suzhou municipal government deputy secretary general, director of the Suzhou Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce. In October 2011, he transferred to the Changshu Municipal Committee, nominated as candidate for mayor of Changshou City, and positive in half a year later. Wang Yang came to Changshu in the office at the same time, Hui Jianlin was promoted to Secretary from the mayor of Changshu, two people all work for 5 years. The 58 year old Wang Jian in July this year from Taizhou Gaogang District Secretary post, he has been elected deputy director of the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress on 2012, it has been among the deputy department for four years. Wang Jian was born in 1958, Jiangsu, Xinghua, who served as deputy director of Xinghua Grain Bureau, deputy director of the office of the Xinghua municipal government and other duties. In November 2007, Wang Jian served as party secretary of Gaogang. Relevant data show that in the past nine years, the Gaogang area of GDP from 2007 to $5 billion 400 million in 2015 to $36 billion 600 million. To succeed Wang Jian as party secretary of Gaogang was born in 1968, Gaogang deputy secretary, mayor Gu Ping. Gu Ping, 48, was born in Jiangsu, Qidong, graduated from the Department of mechanical engineering, Yancheng Institute Of Technology. Gu Ping worked in the Communist Youth League System for more than ten years, in 1998 as the Communist Youth League Jiangyan Municipal Committee (now Taizhou District, Jiangyan). Since then, Gu Ping served as deputy mayor of Taizhou, Gaogang District, Taixing city deputy mayor, chairman of the Taizhou Municipal Women’s Federation, Hailing District, the county has a rich working experience. Born in May 1964, ginger dragon also in July this year, Nantong Haimen was removed from the post of party secretary, and was promoted to the Yangzhou Municipal Committee, publicity minister in September. Jiang Long is to replace the Nantong Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Chen Yongguang相关的主题文章:

1 million 328 thousand yuan from the sale of new Panamera long wheelbase version of the listing – So crycry

1 million 328 thousand yuan from the sale of new Panamera long wheelbase version of the listed Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, Porsche officially announced the new Panamera version of the long axis from the price, the price range of 132.80-233.80 million. The new car will be longer than the standard wheelbase wheelbase wheelbase 150mm, up to 3100mm, and will be officially unveiled at the November 16th Losangeles motor show. The new Panamera long wheelbase Version (Executive) in terms of appearance and not too obvious features, the overall standard wheelbase version is exactly the same, still using the Porsche family classic design language. However, due to the increase in the wheelbase makes the original roof line becomes more straight, destroying the original sense of flow, D column on the Executive exclusive logo to become the only special logo of its appearance. Interior, interior design from the front row version of the new Panamera axis does not change the overall use of the touch button to replace a large number of physical buttons, looks full sense of science and technology, at the same time the iconic Wulian meter and the central clock design, further reduction of the classic elements of Porsche. As a long wheelbase models, key new upgrade in the back of the natural design, in addition to the increased legroom car also redesigned the rear central armrest, and add back the cup frame, mirror, 10.1 inches of recreational facilities, a new multistage adjustable seat, table board, rear sunshade, air conditioning, four-wheel drive vehicle Wi-Fi. Power, the new Panamera long wheelbase version is available in four different models, respectively (2.9T Panamera 4 Executive Panamera 4 E-Hybrid 330 HP), Executive (2.9T plug-in hybrid 462 HP), Panamera 4S Executive (2.9T 440 and Panamera Turbo Executive (HP) 4.0T 550 HP). Transmission, the engine will be matched Porsche PDK 8 speed dual clutch transmission, some models will be equipped with AWD system and Porsche PASM adaptive adjustable air suspension. The new car will be the main market in the United States and China, in order to compete with Mercedes Benz S class and a series of luxury large wheelbase models.相关的主题文章:

Fly the rainbow Kingdom on the way to experience the most beautiful Pacific Sunset – Sohu travel 若槻ゆうか

Flying rainbow Kingdom on the way encountered the most beautiful sunset Pacific Tourism Sohu – Pacific island of Palau Palau travel Raiders concise: 1, why go to Palau: Rainbow Kingdom Palau is known as the aquarium, God’s world’s best diving resort, with the earth only non-toxic jellyfish lake. Better understand the point is: where you can swim with the sharks and jellyfish together with the tortoise with a variety of colorful fish to swim. For chowhound, Palau can eat crab sashimi, mangrove Tridacna shell and super hardcore do not shed bat soup! 2, visa: landing sign, to meet a say go on the trip, the fundamental requirement, remember to bring a valid passport for more than 6 months on the line. To pay 30 dollars and 20 dollars tax environmental taxes when leaving palau. 3, how to go: the more common is the choice of direct flights to Macao or Hongkong non-stop, about 4 hours. Suggest that the choice of aircraft + hotel packages, is a cost-effective, two is convenient, because in the Republic of Palau is basically the sea diving + aerial rhythm heaven. We are direct flights to Hongkong, this trip is a fun travel network charter. Therefore, the choice of travel agencies or web site can pay more attention to a few eyes, the middle link is often an important reason for the benefits, and the price will be based on the quality of the hotel and a larger floating. Shenzhen to Hongkong airport to the most economical way: Shenzhen bay port (we live in Shekou) after pass, take the B2P to reward Lake Station (8.5 HK people), to E34A to the airport (13.9 HK people), about the whole 1.5 hours. Macao can choose a hotel shuttle bus any arrived at the hotel after the transfer to the airport, full free. But Macao is very small, a taxi is also very cheap. 4, the local play what: if you choose the night of the five day of the trip, basically can be divided into four packages, if more than one day, then you can go to the next hotel in the fall or a daze. After all, diving is the individual living force, violence hidden two days after the best can have a good rest. In Palau play packages can be purchased in advance at the website, can also go to a local travel agency. According to our observation, anyway, there Palau travel service has been Chinese contract, so the trouble is scheduled in advance (1) Rock islands east sea diving: Coral Park — through Germany waterways — Palau fault — an uninhabited island for lunch — Vientiane hard coral — Japanese wrecks; 2 the Rock islands in the west sea diving): milk Lake Spa – non-toxic Jellyfish Lake — an uninhabited island — 100 years lunch City — dinner seafood feast – Star Party; 3) God aerial, 30 minutes, 180 people on this beautiful, people think if not many aerial can in fact be pass; 4) city sightseeing tour: man hall — History Museum — Long Beach State park. 5, about the hotel: Palau is the B & B, but the general conditions and expensive, because of the small number of. We live in the two hotels, namely Hotel (Holiday Inn) and Lords Hotel (Royal resort) (vocation). The only two best.相关的主题文章: